Thursday 19 January 2006

Greater market penetration

I was teasing Corwin about how easy his homework was and said that maybe I should be assigning him homework as well. Corwin inquired as to what type of homework I would assign. I mentioned various things, including writing assignments such as writing posts for this weblog. Corwin was not at all in favor of that idea. I pointed out that I write something every day and he replied “but you didn’t write anything today”. It turns out that he and a couple of his friends had been looking at this weblog while they were at school today. Apparently I’m in trouble over the first picture in this post because it shows Corwin in his night clothes. My view was that at least you couldn’t see his underwear, which was the case with almost all of the other pcitures I had of him from that morning.

On a related note, Jack’s mom told me the other day that he and Anwen had been looking at this kidlog and were particularly amused by the page about Uncle Evil. So it looks like Corwin is reaching the age where his friends can find and read this stuff, so I will need to burn out his embarassment circuts (that’ll be a big help to him later on).

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