Saturday 14 January 2006

Fun for the whole family

Charles has been enjoying Alice’s birthday presents almost as much as Alice. Both of them like to take care of Alice’s Bitty Baby, putting her to bed in her little Bitty Baby Bed and taking care of her with the various accoutrements Mom has accumulated1.

Alice also got a Plasma Car which everyone liked, although there’s a bit too much Dad for him to use it. On the down side, everyone wants to drive.

Charles: Can I drive it?

Corwin: Not yet.

Charles: When can I drive it?

Corwin: Maybe in a million years.

Charles: That take a long time.

[The next day, Charles is riding the car around the basement while dragging another riding toy behind him]

Charles: [stops suddenly] Door opening …

Charles: [pauses for a few seconds, moves forward a bit] Door closing …

Charles:: [pauses a few seconds, then continues zipping around the basement

1 I’m not sure who likes the Bitty Baby more, Alice, Charles or Mom. Mom, for instance, was pestering Alice more than Corwin about opening additional presents that contained various Bitty Baby accessories.

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