Friday 13 January 2006


Mom took us off on a ski vacation in north-west Illinois this weekend. We left yesterday evening and spent the night at Grandma’s. We had planned to leave Alice there, but Charles declared that he wanted to stay as well. Charles was very excited about going to visit Grandma, complaining that he hadn’t been there “for a long time!”. Alice didn’t sleep well and how to be calmed at 3AM with some Dora. It was kind of cute, though, that when Alice was tossing and turning she would call out words from the show, like “Dora”, “Boots” and “backpack”.

We managed to get off in good time in the morning anyway. It turns out be for the best that we left Charles behind because it was Corwins first time skiing. It was hard enough getting him on the right slope without having to deal with Charles as well. Corwin was very frustrated at first, but by the end of the day he was handling the green slope reasonably well, although he was getting very tired, which made it much more difficult for him. We gave him ski poles at first, but Mom took them away after a while and Corwin seemed to do better without them. After the first trip down the bunny slope, as we got ready for the second, Corwin asked “can we do this one and be done?”. Now he’s willing to go back for more tomorrow.

As an overall assessment, I am pleased to report no permanent injuries1, although I am quite sore and expect to be one big mass of muscle ache tomorrow. Corwin had a couple of hard falls on his knee, but he only notices the agonizing pain of it when we ask him about it, so we’ve stopped asking in order to cure him. I took a good tumble myself and managed to just barely avoid a concussion (I managed to get my legs out from under me in a way that caused my head to impact the slope first).

We are staying at a hotel with a pool with a water slide and a hot tub, so of course Mom rousted us out of our comfortable vegetating to try it out. Corwin had some fun, but he didn’t last long being somewhat tired. Meanwhile, I’ve taken to writing this post in an effort to look busy so that Mom doesn’t decide to embark on some other adventure this evening.

1 I made the mistake of mentioning to Corwin that I had suffered a disfiguring thumb accident my first time out. Corwin later remarked that he was doing better because he wasn’t injured.

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