Thursday 05 January 2006

Clothing priorities

Charles and Alice sometimes have a bit of a problem properly prioritizing their clothing.

Alice doesn’t much like clothes to start with. Frequently I just give up trying to put pants back on her after I’ve changed her diapers. More interestingly, Alice has figured out how to put on her purple shoes by herself. This means that sometimes I find her with shoes and socks but no pants, which makes it even more difficult to get the pants on.

Charles does things a little differently. It snowed a few evenings ago. The other children we had over all charged out to play in it. Charles wanted to go along as well and managed to get his coat on and wanted mittens as well. I had just finished getting those on when I had to stop Charles from rushing out to join the other kids because he had bare feet. It was all I could do to get him to hang around inside long enough to put socks and boots on him, as he apparently didn’t see the point of that.

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