Saturday 28 January 2006

Chatting with Charles

Mom: Charles, can you pick up these Legos™?

Charles: Uhhhhhh. My tummy is tire-warred (tired).

That ranks right up there with “I pulled a muscle in me ear” as an excuse.

Charles: [cries because his Lego™ construct got Aliced] He broke it!

Dad: Yes, Charles.

Charles: Why he always breaking my stuff?

Dad: That’s just the way she is, Charles. If you have your Legos™ near her, she will break them.

Charles: [anguished cry] I want a different baby!

[Charles watches Swiper get dumped in a mud puddle]

Charles: That funny!

Dad: Would it be funny if we pushed Charles in to the mud?

Charles: No.

Dad: What about Corwin? Would it be funny if we pushed Corwin in to the mud?

Charles: Yes. That funny.

It turns out that pushing Alice in to the mud isn’t funny, but pushing Mom in is.

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