Tuesday 03 January 2006

Ballooning troubles

What I learned today is that buying balloons for the children when I’m on an errand is not a good idea.

I dropped Mom and Corwin off at Corwin’s violin lessons and popped off to run a couple of errands, taking Charles and Alice with me. We stopped at Wal-Mart to pick up some sealer. Having located that, I headed for the checkout but Alice spotted some helium balloons and demanded one. I decided to give in. Of course, it didn’t take Charles long to start crying because he didn’t have a balloon. I was forced to get one for him as well.

When we left the store, it was windy and Charles was literally shaking with fear about it. I thought he was worried about getting cold but he was really concerned about his balloon. Of course, just as we got to the van and I was putting Alice in her seat, I heard a great cry from Charles. His balloon had come loose from its string and floated off. Charles was devastated. He went on and on about Alice getting two balloons (presumably one from a previous outing) and Charles not having any balloons. Alice, of course, became upset a few minutes later for some unknown with her balloon, but she objected vociferously when I tried to transfer it to Charles.

Because of all this, I didn’t want to hassle with the balloon in the next store, which set off another round of unpleasantness. Now, as expected, the balloon floats abandoned and forgotten in the van.

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