Saturday 21 January 2006

Alice-saurus ramblings

Our recent trip has caused me to be concerned for the day when Alice is potty trained and I have to help her use public restrooms. Men’s public restrooms. With the boys it wasn’t so bad, as most of the time they just had to pee and they could stand or be held. Alice, sadly, will not have this option. Hmmm. Perhaps I should trade out the diapers for a small potty seat in the diaper bag…

Alice is also entering her terrible twos, much earlier than the boys. I wonder if it’s not a function of language more than age, that the terrible twos are when the child first learns to talk and thereby express all of the things that should happen except for mean and cruel parents. Alice sure can throw hysterical fits.

In the way of hysterical fits, Alice was unhappy about getting dressed the other day and I had to force her in to clothes. She is definitely a little Alice-saurus, with floppy little arms and massive, powerful legs. It was easy to get her shirt on as her arms have very little strength. Her pants, on the other hand, were quite a struggle. You can see the muscles on her legs sticking out, it’s quite the sight.

It looks like she will be able to put that leg strength to good use. She’s not much for throwing but she does kick well. She was kicking a little soccer ball she got for Christmas around the room and was doing well at making it go in the direction she wanted. She’ll probably be beating Charles at soccer before long.

On the intellectual side, Alice has been singing the alphabet song quite a lot, although she does not appear to actually know any letters. She is acquiring a good vocabularly as well. She has reached the stage where she likes to point out things and say their names. Alice had quite a bit of fun doing this to the cat yesterday. She grabbed POset’s ear and said “ear!”. She did “mouth”, “eye” (I had to stop her on that one), “tail”, “hair” and “knee” (a bit tricky on a cat). The best bit was Alice grabbing one of the cat’s ears and saying “cat ear!” then pointing at the other ear and saying “more ear!”.

Alice still likes to put stickers and tape in her hair.

What is more impressive than that is Alice is very accomodating when it comes time to remove the items. She doesn’t cry or fight about it, apparently accepting the unpleasantness of removal as an acceptable price for the joy of decorating her hair.

Alice loves taking baths, but still sometimes poops in the bath tub.

Last of all, I will mention a special transporation device Alice likes, the “Daddy-vator”. Alice really likes to take this up and down the stairs. When offered a ride on the Daddy-vator, Alice will run to the top or bottom of the stairs and wait for the vehicle to get in to place for a big Alice leap. Unfortunately it wasn’t maintained well so I’m not sure how long it is going to last.

P.S. My normal procedure would have been to space this out in to a bunch of posts, all scheduled to deploy over the next week so that I could take a bit of a break, but I decided it would be cruel to make you all wait for this breaking Alice news.

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