Sunday 08 January 2006

Alice word watch

Alice can also say “yes”, “train”, “please”, “up” and “down”. She also used her first color word yesterday, “purple”. According to most theories, purple should be about the last color a child learns. She doesn’t know the standard first colors like “black” or “red”, but she’s quite familiar with “purple”. It’s an important word, you see, quite critical indeed. How else can she make sure that Dad dresses Alice with the proper shoes? “Puh-pull shoes! Puh-pull shoes!”.

P.S. Alice is still a bit conflicted about clothing. Yesterday morning she actually slept all night in her bed. When she woke up, I went and retrieved her. She had overflowed a bit so I tried to change her out of her night clothes, but she would have none of that. I handed her off to Mom but after Mom failed as well Mom just rationalized “oh, she’s just a little damp”. After Mom did finally get the old clothes off, she couldn’t get new clothes on as Alice preferred to lounge about au natural.

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