Thursday 12 January 2006

A clever and invective boy

Charles has acquired the habit of hurling invective at people when he’s disagreeing with them, or sometimes just for the laughs. What’s very Charles-like about it is the form of the invective. In years past, Charles used the term “swa swa” as an all purpose insult, although he was never coherent on what it actually meant1. Lately he switch to used “shoogie” (rhymes with “boogie”) as his verbal assault of choice. However, sometimes he dips in to the surreal for effect. The other day, I was accused of being a “pipe” and today Mom got tagged as a “trumpet” (later a “trombone”).

What I like to do is call Charles a “shoogie shoogie swa swa” (to the rythm of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang). Charles doesn’t like this, so he responds with basically the same phrase but with a lot more repitition — I’ve counted up to twelve iterations of “shoogie” when he really wants to make a point.

1 I can’t believe I never wrote that up, but I can’t find anything about it when I search.

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