Wednesday 11 January 2006

A chase in the park

We all went over to the park and took Jack along in an attempt to promote physical activity on the part of Corwin. It worked out reasonably well, as I also took a high-tech child exercise device, my camera. I managed to chase Corwin and Jack all over the park with very little effort on my part. Eventually I relented and played some soccer with them, which wore me out a lot faster tham because they traded off being goalie but I had to play forward the entire time.

Charles had an OK time, although he managed to scrape his nose in a major way about 10 seconds after we arrived by tripping and falling on a new sidewalk. After a bit of comforting he was back in action.

At one point I was trying to get a picture of Charles and he was running away as well.

Charles: Don’t take my picture!

Dad: Why not?

Charles: I not like pictures.

Dad: Why? It doesn’t hurt when I take your picture.

Charles: Corwin and Jack don’t like it. And they both my best friend.

Dad: What about Chloe? I thought you liked her.

Charles: She my best friend too.

Jack: Corwin! Charles has a girlfriend!

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