Saturday 24 September 2005

Stream of kid thoughts

While Mom’s been gone I’ve had a couple of girls over to keep an eye on the kids in the evening while I pretend to work. Mara’s older sister Amalia was over Wednesday night. Kirsten, Ali’s older sister, was over on Thursday evening (we’re just missing out on Anwen to make the collection complete). Kirsten missed out on Corwin, who went over to Andreas’ house for dinner.

The kids were reasonable good for the girls, although driving back from soccer practice with Amalia was interesting. Charles was completely wired, giggle and screaming hysterically at anything. He had spent part of his time interacting with Amalia and her friend Lauren at soccer practice which seems have wound Charles up to warp speed. Charles started off by tackling them, which he actually did a reasonable job at as these are thin girls and Charles is a slab ‘o boy. They started tickling at each other which evolved in to Charles trying to pull their shirts off. I didn’t intervene as I figured they started it, they can deal with it. I had my hands full just dealing with Alice who had quite the dirt feast that day.

I did discover that Alice’s fascination with the water bottles at soccer practice is about exploring, not about water. At this practice, I hiked all the way over to the water fountain and filled her sippy cup with water. She took a couple swigs and that was the end of her interest in water. I was impressed with Alice’s dedication though. When I’d take away whatever water bottle she’d grabbed, she wouldn’t cry or fuss, she’d just head on over to the next one. Industrious and persistent, what more could you want?

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