Thursday 28 November 2002

Traveling Tales

We made it down to Florida and had an uneventful trip. We got up at 1:30 AM and started preparing for departure. Mom had put most of the luggage into the car the previous evening so we just had to move a few things, get the children dressed and slap them in the car. We actually got on the highway a few minutes before we had originally scheduled. After a brief two hour drive we were at the airport for our flight. By arriving at 5:30 AM local time we beat the rush (right behind us was a very large group of either older high school or younger college students - presumably a marching band traveling for a show). The flight wasn’t completely packed and the boys spent about half the flight sleeping, although for a while Corwin was “bored, bored bored”. He spent some time playing with one of my glow toys, which he promptedly lost as soon as we got up to leave the plane. The poor flight attendant pulled up the seat cushions to look for it, but we decided to move on as it only cost $3. We only looked in the first place because I wanted it as a child distracter later in the trip and I didn’t have a spare. It turns out that it fell into a side pocket on Corwin’s back pack. I picked it out of there and later “found” it in Corwin’s ear. Corwin claimed that he didn’t remember how it got there. Likely story.

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